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Guild Progression
Level: 3
World Bosses: 3/10
Justin Allspore

Status: Open

We're currently recruiting players of all levels and experience. Priority is given to levels 30+ who are active, social, and friendly.

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Guild News
Our Website, First Events, and Recap
September 18th, 2011

We have a lot of new members joining us this week, I'd like to take a moment and welcome you all to our guild! As guild leader I am happy to answer your questions and assist you all to the best of my ability. I hope that you all grow with our guild and make this your permanent home during your time here on Eden Eternal.

In honor of our growth this weekend I have added two mini-events to our Event Calendar. Make sure to visit it and participate, they are there for your benefit and enjoyment :3

Currently we still need about six thousand fame until we can reach guild level three. At that point we will receive an additional guild rank, more space for members, the ability to purchase a guild town (10,000 gold is required), and the ability to create our own guild emblem. Please do not forget to purchase guild quests. They provide you with additional gold and experience while increasing the guild's fame. If you have never bought guild quests before then please ask for assistance.

It is important to remember that we are still a new guild, we were created September 2nd of 2011. While I personally have almost 10 years of guild leadership experience, one thing I've learned is that a guild is only as strong as its members. That means that no matter how hard I work, you guys are what will make this guild great. I will do everything in my power to carve our names into Aquamarine's history, but in the end I need your help and I need you to help each other.

If you see a guildie in need, please take a moment and help them. If each of us does this once a day it will make a drastic impact in not only our progression, but the mentality of our guild.

Do not hesitate to speak to me, whisper me, mail me, whatever you want. If you're having a problem with another player or guild member, or if you would like to tell me how awesome one of our guild members is, come to me and let me know. Problems need to be delt with, and helpful members need to be recognized for their dedication.

Please keep in mind, I have a job and go to school full-time. I typically have a lot of homework and this may mean that I go afk a lot or am not available at times. I assure you I'm 100% invested into this guild, but please respect my outside obligations as I do yours.

If you must speak to someone, Maria and Soiree may be able to contact me faster and relay your message to me. Do not give them grief if they cannot solve your problem immediantly.

Finally, there is a pole on our main page that allows you to vote for the 'Player of the Month'. You may only vote for people who've signed up on the website, so if someone has helped you or done something that you feel is worthy of praise, get them to sign up and vote for them! Every month the votes will be counted and the winner will receive a Fortune Bag of their choosing!

Again, I want to thank you all for joining and I hope you all make an effort to socialize and become part of our family ^_^

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